Chocolate is a journey to foreign and exotic lands, it’s the will to discover and go beyond”. This is how Enrico Rizzi introduces his pralines and chocolate bars, cornerstones of his production.

Enrico Rizzi’s artisanal chocolate comes from a long and passionate quest to find high quality cocoa varieties from all over the world. From Ghana to Ecuador, only the finest cocoa beans become part of his recipes.

Dosed in different quantities, cocoa results in a wide range of qualities, from the sweetest milk chocolate to the 100% cocoa dark chocolate, a true tidbit only for those who love intense flavors. And in its combination with classic ingredients such as orange or pistachio and unusual aromas such as black sesame or chestnut honey, it results in Enrico Rizzi’s original creations.



Enrico Rizzi’s pralines have a soft filling that combines a specific ingredient with a specific kind of chocolate that helps to enhance its traits.

This is how “equatorial” ingredients blend with Italian delicacies such as Mediterranean pistachio or Langhe hazelnut, resulting in an encounter of different cultures. Each praline is then glazed with single origin Venezuela 58% dark chocolate.

Enrico Rizzi’s pralines come in elegant boxes along with a small guide describing each different flavor.



Enrico Rizzi offers a wide selection of artisanal chocolate bars, including about forty different varieties. These are divided into three main categories.

Single origin chocolate bars are the embodiment of a particular territory, since they are prepared with a given percentage of cocoa from a specific area. Depending on the country, cocoa has very different features.

Aromatized bars are made with white, milk or dark chocolate, blended with a special ingredient in a carefully balanced quantity. Among those, we find white chocolate bars with Madagascar vanilla, or dark chocolate bars with Maldon salt.

Finally, special bars are rarities dedicated to the finest chocolate lovers.


Vintage chocolates are a true tidbit, available only in specific occasions: we’re talking about extremely rare chocolates, produced in a small quantity in specific plantations, often run by a single family.

Vintage bars are made with cocoa beans from a certain year (as with vintage wines), each one with different features compared to the others, depending on the climate of that season or year.

Enrico Rizzi’s vintage chocolates come in a 50 grams package inside an exclusive box, along with a detailed account on the cocoa’s specific plantation and year.