Enrico Rizzi


Inspired by his friend, renowned chef Claudio Sadler, Enrico Rizzi begins his journey through taste starting a successful banqueting enterprise. Intimate dinners, lavish banquets, corporate parties: during these years he gains the necessary experience to bring his passion to the next level.

Enrico Rizzi decides to focus on sweets, passionately studying and experimenting the creation of pastry, gelato and chocolate, cornerstones of his present production. He starts the Attimi di Gusto brand in Milan, gathering attention for his renowned artisanal ice cream, soon entering the main city’s top charts.

Always willing to find new challenges, Enrico works to make his creations, now including the traditional Parisian macarons, even more exclusive. He manages doing so creating a new brand, this time using his own name. Nowadays, there are three different Enrico Rizzi – Milano boutiques, each one of them with its distinct identity, but all of them sharing the same idea of taste and luxury.

Unless he’s busy creating something new inside his artisanal lab, it’s inside one of these boutiques that you will find Enrico Rizzi, ready to greet you with his smile and to share his recipes with you.