Enrico Rizzi’s Italian ice cream is the result of a strong passion and of years of studies and experimentation. Made only with fresh ingredients, without ready-made bases (usually produced by big food industries), this artisanal gelato figures in the most part of the best ice cream charts of Milan.

Natural thickeners such as carob and guar seeds; genuine and selected ingredients; combined ice cream machines in which recipes are prepared one by one, carefully balancing every single element: these are the secrets of Enrico Rizzi’s ice cream.

Talking about ingredients, they are carefully chosen by Enrico Rizzi himself, in a search that allowed him to find the finest products in Italy and from all over the world.

Discovering a farmer that grows his pistachios in a particular way, resulting in a unique aroma. Mixing two or three different hazelnut pastes to obtain the perfect intensity. This is the only way to create a truly unique gelato.

Personally choosing the ingredients also means respecting their specific features. That’s why Enrico Rizzi only uses seasonal fruits in order to prepare his artisanal ice creams.


Enrico Rizzi’s Italian ice cream selection is based on a series of Classic flavors, available all the year round. Among those, you will find Dark Chocolate, Amalfi Lemon, Etna Pistachio without milk and Stracciatella.

Historical flavors are less common ice creams, traditionally prepared by Enrico Rizzi during the years. We’re talking about tidbits such as Mat-Cha Green Tea, Black Sesame and African Cocoa.

Creative flavors are the result of recent experimentations, with unusual combinations such as Sinfonia Rosé (litchee, raspberry and rose) or Sinfonia d’Oriente (orange flowers, rose petals and candied ginger).

Last but not least, Enrico Rizzi’s boutiques offer a series of seasonal ice cream flavors, depending on the fruits and ingredients available in a particular moment.


Milk based ice creams have few, essential ingredients: fresh whole milk, cream (not always, depending on the percentage of fat in the specific ingredient), sugar, egg yolk (if necessary), carrob and guar seeds flour. And most of all, the distinguishing ingredient. Enrico Rizzi’s ice sorbets, instead, don’t contain milk and are simply prepared with fruit, sugar, water and carrob seeds flour.


Besides the traditional fruit sorbets, Enrico Rizzi proposes a series of traditionally milk based flavors, prepared without using this ingredient. African Cocoa and Pistachio ice creams without milk are light, easy to digest and suitable for the lactose intolerants. Moreover, these dairy-free ice creams are as much savory – maybe even more! – as their equivalents with milk, because milk is replaced using a higher percentage of the main ingredient.