In order to prepare his macarons, Enrico Rizzi draws from the renowned French pastry tradition and from maestros such as Franck Deville, adding to his recipes a bit of Italian creativity. That’s why inside Enrico Rizzi’s boutiques these precious and elegant Parisian desserts acquire a truly unique taste, resulting from the encounter of different traditions.

Enrico Rizzi’s macarons are made of two crunchy cookies, garnished with creams and jams prepared inside an artisanal lab. Colorful and delicious, they are meant to be consumed both occasionally, as a fanciful snack, or as a dessert at the end of an elegant dinner.


Enrico’s macarons selection comprises fifteen different varieties, ranging from traditional flavors such as chocolate, cocoa or pistachio, to creative matchings inspired by Enrico Rizzi’s original pastry creations, such as Maracaibo (chocolate and passion fruit) or Sinfonia Rosé (litchee, strawberry and rose petals).


Enrico Rizzi’s macarons are sold inside tasteful boxes of different sizes, ranging from 4 to 24 pieces.